Water Damage in Santa Monica: When Sprinkler Systems Get Activated

Water damage can be an aftermath of fires. Whether firefighters douse a blaze with their equipment or sprinkler systems get triggered to do so, a home or commercial building can become flooded and rendered uninhabitable by water.
A restaurant in Portland, for example, recently experienced this mishap. It took a small fire to create a big mess and disrupt the business operations of the restaurant and two other establishments below it. Jason Silverstein of the Statesman Journal has more on the story.


Fires are Another Reason to Call a Santa Monica Water Damage Company

As strange as it sounds, a fire can also be a good reason to contact a Santa Monica water damage restoration company. This was demonstrated by a Merced Sun-Star news story about a fire that broke out in a historic community hall in Gustine, Merced County. While the fire was quelled before it got worse, it caused serious damage to the community hall’s roof and attic, as well as water damage to much of the building.

Firefighters say that the community hall’s fire sprinklers were responsible for the water damage, extinguishing the flames but also drenching many of the areas untouched by the blaze. While this is normally nothing to worry about, the building might need repairs sooner than expected, considering that it was built between 1935 and 1940. Repairing building as old as this one may require the services of meticulous restoration experts like Water Damage Pros since preserving the community hall’s vintage aesthetics is just as important as repairing the damage done to it.

Recent Earthquake Could Be the Cause of Water Damage in Santa Monica

“The continuing aftershocks can put further stress on a house’s utilities and structure. Homeowners should try their best to check on several areas of their house. A thorough once over of a house’s plumbing can help stop water damage in Santa Monica homes. Other areas that should be checked include basements and attics; leaks could flow down to the former to damage the home’s foundations while leaks in the latter could damage the home’s structure.

Broken pipes are quite noticeable, leaving tell-tale stains in the dry wall and often large pools of water. Appliances can also suffer damage from earthquakes, so it would be advisable to check on them too. Additionally, while public utility companies have announced no noticeable problems, the danger of sewers backing up remains ever-present.”