Calabasas Water Damage Experts Urge Flood Preparedness Amid Drought

These days, it’s not enough that you prepare for flooding during the wet season. For the record, Mother Nature has grown more unpredictable, causing warmer winters and more intense dry spells when you least expect them. SoCal is especially prone to flooding due to its low elevation and proximity to the Sierra Nevada mountain system.

Fortunately, Calabasas water damage repair companies like Water Damage Pros always stay on their toes. They respond to calls anytime the weather decides to saturate the neighborhood with months worth of rainfall. They can initiate quick repairs like carpet cleaning, dehumidification, stain removal, and—most importantly—mold mitigation to keep homes dry and healthy.


Water Damage in Calabasas Homes: Weather Assault or Equipment Failure

A malfunctioning toilet that cause water to back up is only one of several sources of water damage in Calabasas homes. Plumbing problems caused by broken pipes cause leaks. The result is the same; water could overflow and damage interior structures. Broken appliances, such as a malfunctioning washing machine could spill huge amounts of water when one of its hoses explodes.

Clean water spills are not dangerous to humans, though may cause extensive damage to property. Gray and black water spills, however, are deleterious to health as they contain contaminants from the sewage that are directly harmful to humans. You need to call the water damage clean up and mold removal experts to deal with this serious spills as quickly and safely as possible.

Beware: Water Damage in Calabasas Homes Can Lead to Mold Infestation

According to Houma Today, the lack of proper building inspection and maintenance may have contributed to Champagne’s plight. Though this incident took place in Louisiana, it does illustrate the need for California residents to enlist the services of experts like Water Damage Pros when it comes to water damage in their properties. Property owners who insist on DIY mold removal measures without regard for the extent of the infestation often only end up sick or worse.

People who are allergic to dust, pollen, and other particulates are very likely to be allergic to mold spores as well. Common allergic reactions to mold include eye irritation, asthma, and skin rashes. These problems may not be extremely worrisome were it not for the fact that some species of mold, like Stachybotrys chartarum, also produce mycotoxins that have been linked to heart problems, chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder, and an even worse form of asthma.

Calabasas Water Damage Experts Urge Readiness After a Forest Fire

“The first two days following a massive flood will be critical for water damage restoration. Water removal and drying efforts can take place right after the flooding to reduce the chances of mold formation. Calling Marina Del Rey water damage repair services like Water Damage Pros can follow later, though you shouldn’t wait too long.

In the end, SoCal suburban residents like you need to develop this practice. Mother Nature knows how to land a one-two punch, and you would do well to protect yourself from it.”